The Journey

Businesses at the top didn’t start there. They started at the bottom with a dream. They chased that dream with grit, determination and hard work. They refused to quit in the face of setbacks and certain failure. The quest to establish a foothold, stand upright and move forward overpowered any thought of uncertainty. And as they grew, matured and caught their dream, they looked around and realized how they got to the top. They worked smart and hard. They built relationships as they grew. They identified and leveraged their resources.

The Partnership

In your journey from dream to mainstream, we are the steadfast partner which will help you through the difficult days. We will celebrate your triumphs with you.  We are the resource you’ll leverage when uncertainty creeps in.  And with the success of your business, we will be there with you as you take in the view from the top.

Cosentient Technologies, LLC, Your Partner and Resource

We are Cosentient Technologies. We want to help you catch your dream. We are the resource which can help you remove the impediments on your path to success.

Some of what we do:

  • IT and Technical Consulting
  • Software Engineering
  • Scrum Training and Coaching
  • Design and  Prototyping
  • Process Management
  • IT and Technical Staffing

We leverage our resources for you and our resources run deep.

Contact us. Today.